PRIUM’s Mark Pew on Opioids

Well, PRIUM’s Mark Pew isn’t taking opioids…far from it.  In “Don’t Take That Pill,” (p. 34) published in the latest issue of the new WC (Work Comp) magazine, he presents alternatives to opioid use.

I have worked with PRIUM (this time) since 2011 and must say Mark is an excellent writing client. He listens to feedback, reads my editing comments — perhaps while using my name in vain. So, I take the time to explain why something should be said differently and he changes the way he writes the next article.  His articles are getting better and better and he’s writing a lot.

Just taking a moment to brag on a client.

By the way, WC is edited by Joan Collier, a brilliant and highly experienced editor/journalist/writer and public relations consultant who is Florida-based who also edits WCI360 and its weekly newsletter. Work Comp is published by, which also publishes Claim Management magazine, edited by the equally respected and good-humored Eric Gilkey.

Yes, I’m a PR person and I know to whom to kiss up.

Female mouth puckering

Female mouth puckering