PRIUM’S New TaperRx Helps Physicians Wean Chronic Pain Patients from Complex Drug Regimens

TaperRx is healthcare’s first roadmap to tapering patients off multiple prescription drugs in multiple drug classifications.

ORLANDO, Fla. (August 18, 2014) – PRIUM, a medical intervention company specializing in reducing the inappropriate use of prescription drugs, announced its ground-breaking TaperRx service at the Workers’ Compensation Institute’s Educational Conference today.

“TaperRx provides physicians a ‘roadmap’ to assist them in reducing or eliminating the numerous prescription drugs in multiple classifications that chronic pain patients typically take,” said PRIUM Senior Vice President Mark Pew.

These drugs often include opioids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, benzodiazepines, muscle relaxants, and/or anti-depressants. Weaning patients off a mix of drug classifications is complicated because different drugs require different tapering protocols. Physicians need to decide which drugs to taper first, how to reduce their dosage, and what milestones to meet before moving to the next step.

PRIUM’s white paper, “An Analysis of Drug Therapy Tapering Guidelines” showed that no clinical guidelines address how to wean patients from multiple drugs in multiple classifications. The white paper is available at TaperRx was developed to help provide clinical clarity to that process.

Using the best available science, PRIUM’s pharmacological and medical experts developed and oversee TaperRx, which delivers a detailed tapering roadmap customized to the patient’s unique drug regimen, physiological and psychosocial circumstances. TaperRx suggests a personalized tapering strategy with step-by-step recommendations, providing a clinical rationale for each.

“This is the healthcare industry’s first service to aggregate the best tapering evidence available to affect change in a complex drug regimen,” Pew said. “TaperRx augments the physician’s expertise, enables accountability and facilitates communication among the physician, patient and payer throughout the weaning process.”

An Ameritox solutions provider, PRIUM sets the industry standard for workers’ compensation medical interventions through its ability to secure higher agreement rates and to help ensure compliance with modified treatment plans. The hallmark of the medical intervention company’s success is a collaborative physician engagement process encompassing evidence-based medicine, clinical oversight, and jurisdictional guidelines to facilitate optimal financial and clinical outcomes. PRIUM helps eliminate unnecessary treatment through a comprehensive approach that includes complex medical interventions, utilization reviews, urine drug monitoring, and independent medical exams. Based in Duluth, Ga., PRIUM can be reached at or 888.588.4964.

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