Overcoming writing hurdles

Business writing is tough, especially when you’re under time pressure.  Just getting the grammar right challenges many writers.  I envy people who can write in their heads – know what they want to say – before they face the keyboard.

I tend to data dump all over the screen, then organize it, then weed it, write some more, research some, edit some more, research, write and edit some more (rinse & repeat)…then edit some more.  The process feels insurmountable at first, then somewhat manageable, and finally complete.  (Until I open the document and edit some more).  I’m always searching for ways to streamline the process, including outlining, so find this article useful.

This article targets people who mostly write for a living, but has some excellent advice for business writers who have to produce on tight deadlines, while sleep deprived, in the middle of an airport.