It’s how you look that counts

Billy Crystal immortalized the phrases, “You LOOK marvelous…” and “It’s not how you feel; it’s how you look.”

Now, apparently it’s not what you say, but how you look.  According to “Secrets to reading body language,” gestures account for 55 percent of our communication….compared to the actual words (7 percent), (Interesting infographic, although I think the woman leaning forward with her legs crossed looks engrossed in the conversation, not closed off.)

Those stats are controversial, according to this post, so perhaps words weigh more than we think in in-person communication.

Regardless of the actual percentages, it is hard to hear a message when the delivery is poor. A scolding, critical tone causes defensiveness and people tune out.  A monotone speech with few gestures will put even the highly caffeinated to sleep.

Takeaway – work on your words and your presentation.