Great campaign to track

Workers’ compensation adjusters serve as fulcrums of claims – everything flows through them and they have to make tough decisions.  Most want to do the right thing for the claimant.  Most are overworked, averaging 130 open claims at a time.  They have more stakeholders to inform their counterparts in other lines: claimants, treating physicians, other providers, nurse case managers, employers and others. They have to stay on top of CPT and ICD-9 (and the soon-coming ICD-10) codes. Oh, and their decisions need to comply with the different state statutes.  (As Joe Paduda says, “if you’ve seen work comp in one state, you’ve seen work comp in one state.)

My client Acrometis, a company that has developed technology to handle the routine tasks so adjusters can focus on the complex claims, has launched a year-long campaign to highlight the complexity of their jobs and honor those doing it well.  See this release and check out the adjuster info graphic.  This is an excellent strategy and I’ll keep you posted on how it works.