HomeCare Connect app speeds work comp home health reports…and care

ORLANDO (Nov. 11, 2013) – HomeCare Connect has created an app to reduce the lag times in home health reporting that hinder workers’ compensation claims decisions and unnecessarily delays care for injured workers.

“In today’s work comp environment adjusters and case managers can wait unacceptably long times –weeks, even months– for home health notes,” said HomeCare Connect’s CMO Vonesa Wenzel. “Payers need crucial clinical information quickly to make appropriate decisions about the treatment and medical equipment necessary for the injured worker’s recovery.”

The app allows providers to swiftly update cases on mobile devices. This data synchronizes with HomeCare Connect’s servers, so case reviews and authorizations can start before a provider even leaves a patient’s home. Payers can log into HomeCare Connect’s portal for real-time updates, download documents and even electronically sign and authorize treatment.

“Payers can receive same-day reports if desired,” Wenzel noted.  Addressing the problem of adjusters receiving home health notes in a variety of formats and styles, the reporting template delivers clinical data in a standardized, actionable format. Additionally, Clinical Care Coordinators ensure reports are complete and accurate before sending them to payers. They also monitor for appropriate provider levels and treatment and suggest cost-saving strategies. The app automatically geo-locates the providers when they are on-site, verifying care was delivered and the prescribed amount of time was spent on-site. This not only ensures quality care, but provides an extra level of fraud protection.

About HomeCare Connect Specializing in catastrophic cases, HomeCare Connect focuses exclusively on managing the quality and cost of home health, durable medical equipment and supplies for workers’ compensation payers. With more than 17,000 contracted network providers, its services include nursing, home infusion, respiratory therapy, speech and occupational therapy, along with the coordination of DME and supplies. HomeCare Connect’s partners consolidated their 20-plus years of workers’ compensation experience into offerings and service standards that ensure that injured workers receive excellent care, in the fastest time frames, and at the most affordable prices.  HomeCare Connect guarantees response to referrals within two hours and the delivery of an initial medical summary within two days. Based near Orlando, the privately held company serves clients nationally and can be reached at www.homecareconnect.co or (855) 223-2228.

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